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Sarong Bali


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Sarung dan selendang Bali Asli.  Untuk mendapatkan sarung dan selendang ini pesanan paling sedikit harus 12 biji, untuk harga, ongkir dll hubungi 0821 4532 3968 bicara dengan Eddy.

Original Balinese Sarung and Shases.  To get this kind of sarong and/or shases you must order at least 12 pieces, to discuss about prices, shipping and handling, please call 0821 4532 3968 and speak to Eddy.

Kalau anda tinggal di Negeri Belanda dan ingin mendapatkan sarung dan selendang ini di Negeri Belanda, hubungilah Donny Tio.  If you live in the Netherlands and want to get this products locally please contact Donny Tio at +31 6483 5753 4 you can also email Donny at donald.t@wxs.nl

Selang Terpal Plastik Cap Pak Tani dan Cap Bu Tani

Folding Plastic Hose - Selang Terpal Plastik
Selang Terpal Plastik Cap Pak Tani dan Cap Bu Tani

Flexible Plastic hose is very useful for irrigation and getting rid of waste from diesel engine machinery.

Our hose is available in various kinds and sizes.  The diameter can be 2″, 2.5″, 3″, 4″, 5″, 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ and the length can be 25m, 50m, 100m.  On request we can certainly customize your order.

Our hose comes in a spectrum of colors.  We will try our best to suit your needs.

About Us

IndoImpor is a business partner of IndoPlastik.

IndoPlastik was established in 1987. At the beginning, IndoPlastik was only a trading company. It has been selling ebonite, and welding plastic. In 2002, IndoPlastik became a manufacturing company.

The main product of IndoPlastik is Folding Plastic Hose with it’s brandnames “Pak Tani” and “Bu Tani”. These names have been patented at the Indonesian Department of Law. IndoPlastik also produces other various Folding Plastic Hoses of every sizes.

You can contact IndoPlastik through IndoImpor via email Edsandjaja@gmail.com, facebook Eddy Nugroho Sandjaja, HP 0852 3908 5519 and 0821 4532 3968.